Founded in 2005, ASC has become a premier public relations, brand marketing and special events agency from Toronto, New York, LA and beyond.

How We Work

We’re Luxury Market Specialists

We understand luxury brands – and brands that aspire to be. We understand the influential customers you want to reach and we know how to reach them through the media and personally through initiatives that bring them face to face with you. We’ve done it time and again for the great retailers like Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, MaxMara, Saks Fifth Ave, Equinox and Calvin Klein; for leading luxury automotive dealerships and for realtors and developers introducing the very best residential properties.

We Bring Mass Brands to Life

At ASC we don’t think mass market; for us it’s about multiple niche markets that share certain attributes and not others. We have broad experience helping mid-market brands and companies who need to reach fast-moving, hard-to-pin-down consumers. Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Your PR strategy should reflect this.

We’re Differentiators

We know you’re unique — perhaps in ways you aren’t even aware of. We’ll help you define and articulate those unique qualities, your vision, your passion — all that’s wonderful about your business. Working with you to define your messages is our first line of attack.

We’re Influencers

People with influence are important to communicate your brand and today, with the growth of social media, they’re more important than ever.  Whether it’s young urban trendsetters, business leaders, the Canadian establishment, the downtown scene or specific demographics like stay-at-home mothers or fashion-aware young men, we’ve built the widest, deepest influencer network in the country. They trust us to bring them exciting brands and news that interest them.

At Our Core: Media Relations

Media relations – working with journalists to develop print stories, television features and online posts about your products – is at the heart of our work. Our success is multi-faceted, beginning with our ability to dynamically shape and present your story.  Carefully cultivated relationships with top editors, TV producers, journalists and bloggers guarantee your story will be heard, and our good old-fashioned sales skills get us the placements we’re looking for.

PR Has Changed

And we’ve changed with it. The digital world has opened up more communications avenues and we use them to your advantage.  Social media is where marketing and public relations effectively merge and it’s a key component of our strategic plans; it gives you and your brand a more direct voice and channel to customers than ever before. At ASC we work with your marketing team to create the engaging, effective content you’ll need.