Be Our Guest: Alison Leong of Alison*Elle

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alison*elle | Vancouver fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog

For this week’s Be Our Guest, we talked to Alison Leong of Alison*Elle to find out more about life in Vancouver and her minimalist style.

What inspired you to start Alison*Elle and how long has Alison*Elle been around?
I started Alison*Elle a little over 3.5 years ago while I was in law school. I was studying and working all the time so my blog became a creative escape and a way for me to indulge in some of my more frivolous interests like shopping, makeup, and nail polish.

How did you come up with the name “Alison*Elle”?

It’s my name! My last name begins with an “L” and I liked the play on words with “Elle” being the French feminine pronoun.

Do you have a “daytime job”? If so, where is it/what do you do?
I’m a lawyer. I prefer to keep my career and my blog separate so I don’t typically discuss work on Alison*Elle. However, I will say that I practice in a specialized area of the law that I am very passionate about.

What is your must-have piece for fall? What kind of look are you going for this season?
I would love to find the perfect pair of slim-fit, cropped plaid pants. I don’t want them to be too punk or verge on “school uniform” either…  fingers crossed I can actually find something that works! I tend to prefer a more minimal, layered style of dressing so I am also hoping to amp that up with some chunky knits this Fall.

What’s the best part about living in Vancouver? 
Despite the months of rain, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. I love having quick access to the beach in the summer (it’s literally down the street from me) and having the mountains just a short drive away for hikes and winter activities. There’s also tons of great food… sushi is seriously dirt cheap!

Top 3 favourite places to shop? 

Most memorable moment of Alison*Elle?
There have been so many! When I started my blog I had no idea the types of opportunities that would come my way, including partnering with some of my absolute favourite brands. I was recently asked to speak on a panel at a local blogger conference, which was a great experience.

Style icon of the moment?
Olivia Palermo

What are the blogs you both read on a regular basis that inspire you?
I read a ton of blogs but a few that are always inspiring to me are Atlantic-Pacific and A Simple V.

Beauty trend or look you’re most looking forward to trying this winter?
Super dark verging on black lipstick.

Favourite hair product?
I was recently introduced to OSiS+, a line of styling products by Schwarzkopf Professional. In particular, I’ve really been loving their volumizing products because my hair is quite fine and tends to fall flat by the end of the day. Refresh Dust is a dry shampoo that adds a ton of body and smells delicious. I also like Glamour Queen which is a volumizing spray that really works.